International Voip Service

Latin America
These plans include 500 Minutes of International calling to select destinations
(Including Central/South America).

We offer the following options for this package:

  • Month-to-Month at 24.95/month +Taxes and Fees +Activation
  • 1 Year Commitment at 21.95/month +Taxes and Fees +Activation
  • 1 Year Advanced Payment at 241.45 +Taxes and Fees w/ Activation Waived!
  • 2 Year Commitment at 18.95 +Taxes and Fees +Activation
  • 2 Year Advanced payment 416.90 +Taxes and Fees w/ Activation Waived!

*Indicates a required field.

* *These fees cover the cost of E911 and various other telecommunication taxes, surcharges, and fees that LeaperConn International is required to pay on your behalf.


Each plan includes 60 free minutes of international calling to select destinations.

Rate Plans Comming Soon!



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